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A Case for Safety

By on February 15, 2014

You’re a safety-minded handyman. But when it’s time to be handy, can you find your safety gear? Today, you’ll learn how to store it all in one place to save the time and effort that searching wastes.

You can’t use safety glasses or ear plugs if you can’t locate them. The simple solution is to gather them, along with specialty work gloves, knee pads, a safety strap for eye glasses, and the like. Then, put them all together in one place. Better yet, put them in one container or case that you can put on or near big power tools or a work bench.

Today, shop safety gear is also available — conveniently pre-packaged in handy kits with carrying handles, holes for hooks and magnets (so you can stick it on big power tools and metal cabinets). If you’re still gift shopping for your handyman, consider our case for safety.

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