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When to Call a Pro and When to DIY

By on February 27, 2018

As you may know, we conducted a survey of our audience last weekend asking what home maintenance projects they are willing to tackle, and which ones will force them to call a pro. The On The House audience is obviously aware that we check our voicemails and text messages because both were packed full of listeners wanting to weigh in on the survey. In our effort to say thank you for being so actively engaged, Carol, the Remodeling Babe, Carey decided that we should read off a few:

Cathleen in Medford Oregon says she would never replace a garage door!

Helen from West Virginia would never try roofing.

Leonard in Union City, California would never build an addition without help.

Joe, listening live on Spreaker.com, says he won’t touch electrical!

Phyllis from Washington says that she will let a pro clean the fireplace.

Mike from Nevada says that he will never do solar.

Leslie, listening on K-A-G-O in Oregon, says that she won’t do decking!

Paula in Sebastopol would never paint.

Tim from Virginia says he will do everything BUT trim work!

After listening to all of the voicemails and sorting through the mountain of text messages, we learned that the number one project that people are not willing to DIY is, roofing. So, if you are a young adult still looking to find your way, try to coax that old roofer, that lives down the street, into giving you a job because apparently there is a ton of job security.

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