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Cali Bamboo Launches Cali Marketplace and New Area Rug Collection

By on February 7, 2018

Cali Bamboo, the direct-to-consumer and omni-channel leader in both flooring and decking, has launched Cali Marketplace, an online store for building products and décor accessories for the sustainably designed home. The platform offers an easy, buy-now shopping experience for eco-friendly goods like rolled bamboo fencing, bamboo plywood, bamboo poles, and flooring underlayment and care kits.

Cali Marketplace includes the debut of Tapestri — an all-new line of sustainable area rugs made of renewable fibers and recycled textiles. Tapestri rugs are designed to be comfortable, unique, and complementary of all décor styles. All woven rugs are GoodWeave certified and manufactured under ethical labor practices in support of traditional skilled artisans. The collections offer a variety of shapes and sizes to fit every type of space and budget. As part of the Cali Marketplace launch, Tapestri rugs will kick off with free shipping anywhere in the continental U.S.

All rugs are lovingly named for the many company dogs at Cali Bamboo and feature the following styles made of environmentally-friendly materials:

Slats are kiln-dried and machine-planed smooth for a pleasing uniformity and clean, modern look. Endlessly renewable and remarkably strong, bamboo can be sustainably harvested every 4 years without damaging the plant or surrounding environment.  

These rugs feature a thick, beautifully textured weave and natural gold color. Referred to as the “Golden Fiber,” jute is known for its long, soft, shiny strands, and is one of the strongest, most flexible plant fibers on Earth.

The Tapestri area rug line includes braided round styles, shown here in Stellar*. A warm aurora of concentric color brings good vibes and luminosity to every space. This glowing red, orange, and blue ombre rug is made of soft jute yarn and pairs beautifully with a whole range of décor styles — bringing just the right amount of drama. Hand-braided by skilled artisans using ancient techniques, each piece supports fair labor practices and sustainable design. *This rug’s namesake is a pleasant, nine-year-old bichon frise who enjoys napping and bossing around the larger dogs.

Braided Round
Hand-braided rugs incorporate sustainably sourced materials like jute yarn and upcycled fabrics for extra durable, eye-catching flatweave designs. Circular and oval options are perfect for creating a focal point in rooms without overwhelming the surrounding décor.

Recycled Cotton
These area rugs feature tasteful designs with bold patterns and classic colors. Cotton material and yarn is repurposed from the garment industry and artfully hand-tufted and woven into plush, upcycled masterpieces.

Mixed area rugs

Mixed-material rugs offer innovative combinations of sustainable textiles. Xander* (shown here) presents a classic palette and unique, ikat-inspired design to add the perfect touch of character, texture, and boho charm to all varieties of interior design. This piece is woven out of natural jute fiber and ultra-soft PET yarn, spun from recycled bottles. Each rug is made by skilled artisans using classic handlooms and traditional weaving techniques. *This rug was named for a friendly, three-year-old “Terripoo” who spends the work day visiting each employee in hopes of snacks.

Mixed Material
These especially creative weaves offer a style for every aesthetic. Rugs incorporate various blends of jute fiber, upcycled cotton, pure wool, repurposed denim from the blue jean industry, and extra soft post-consumer PET yarn, made from recycled drinking bottles.

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