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Building Permits and Licenses

By on January 4, 2014

Avoid building a camel when you want a horse

Many feel that applying for a building permit is like sending an engraved invitation to the tax assessor. Not a good idea. But we have strong feelings in favor of permits and licenses, and we’re here to tell you they protect us all, from homeowners and contractors to cities and towns as well. While permits and licenses don’t actually guarantee anything, they do ensure a number of important things.

First, a license tells you a contractor has at least met minimum state requirements for competency and visibility, meaning he’s registered. Second, getting a permit ensures that a building inspector will double check his work, making sure that all health, safety and sanitation codes and other important rules are being met. You’d be surprised how many materials are out there today that don’t measure up to health and safety standards or products that, if improperly installed, can be a real danger. So, if you plan on doing it yourself, be careful. And if you hire a contractor, get one that’s licensed and insured. And always get a permit. Remember a camel is just a horse built by an unlicensed contractor without a plan and without someone checking on the work in progress.

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