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Buddha Say: “Feng Shui”

By on March 24, 2014

Happy (Chinese) new year! It’s the year of the monkey (year 4701!) It’s also a perfect day for feng shui! This ancient Chinese art of decorating is a special way of thinking and setting up your home, office, or any space where people go.

It is said to achieve peace and order. Using color and furniture placement and natural things like sunlight, wind and water, it creates a better place in which to live. Outside, flowers add freshness and color, creating natural curb appeal. Inside, simplicity and neatness are a must. Clutter is a distraction; it drains energy (called “chi”.)

Use peaceful natural colors with sounds of nature, like wind chimes, fountains and waterfalls indoors and out. Feng shui calls for lots of light, both natural and man-made. You’ll find feng shui books in libraries and bookstores. Check ’em out (or buy one) and you won’t be re-decorating again an hour later!

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