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Briggs & Stratton P2200 Inverter Generator

By on August 21, 2016

by James & Morris Carey

CoolToolProductReview_intextlogoWhen we were kids, Go Carts were the rage. Needless to say, we wanted our Go Cart to be the best in town. It had to be the fastest, the most powerful and the most dependable. Later, when we moved on to mowing yards for extra money, we wanted the most dependable lawnmower available. An engine that was either hard to start or unreliable could cut into our pocket change. That was over 50 years ago. Back then our engine of choice was the same as it is today – Briggs & Stratton.

Recently, we visited the Briggs & Stratton exhibit at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, where we were introduced to their latest and greatest in the portable generator category – their new P2200 PowerSmart SeriesTM Inverter-Generator.

The control panel really peaked our interest. It sports two 120-volt outlets, one 12-volt DC battery-charging outlet and a USB adaptor. What this means to the average tailgater or camping enthusiast is the P2200 offers up the flexibility to power an extensive combination of lights, music, TVs, crock-pots, blenders and personal electronics. The inverter’s built-in technology automatically adjusts the engine speed to protect sensitive electronics such as smart phones, tablets and laptops. Consequently, the only toast you’ll get from the P2200 will be from the toaster you plug in to the unit.

P2200 PowerSmart Series

Briggs & Stratton says the P2200 is quieter and more dependable than ever before. We agree. The quiet part is true. The P2200 operates as low as 59 decibels. However, we have absolutely no idea how any Briggs & Stratton motor can be built any better or more dependable than it has been for over ten decades.

The P2200 is not only quiet – it is lightweight as well. According to Briggs & Stratton the P2200 weighs in a 45% less than most traditional camping generators. We agree. It is really lightweight – especially for the amount of power generated. Getting the P2200 to the ballpark is a breeze. Its lighter weight, coupled with its twin handle design, makes it easy for two people to transport it almost anywhere.

“But wait! There’s more! Buy two P2200’s along with a Briggs & Stratton Parallel Kit, and when you need big-time power you can tether them together. This versatility is incredibly logical – lightweight when you use just one and equally quiet when you use both at the same time. “

The Parallel Kit can be used to tether the P2200 to a second P2200 or to the larger P3000. The kit sells for about $85 depending on where you shop.

The P2200 sells for about $650 and we think it’s a bargain.

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