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Better Indoor Air

By on March 11, 2014
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Ever see sunlight streaming through a window, lighting up particles of airborne dust? It’s not a pretty or comforting picture, but for most homes, there’s a simple solution.

From deep within the Carey Brothers vault of “you can have cleaner air and a better fan to move it, we bring circulation filtration info to prove it! Indeed, it says here: To reduce household dust, upgrade your furnace and central air filters, and then change the fan setting from auto to “on” so air is constantly circulated and filtered.

Standard filters only protect the central system, while high-efficiency filters catch pet dander, pollen, and most airborne particulates. Purchase a good $10-$15 pleated filter with an electrostatic charge and minimum efficiency value of ten or more. Another benefit of running the fan is that it evens out temperature variations, which reduces “on” time of your heater or air conditioner and also saves energy. It even prolongs the life of the fan motor because it no longer constantly cycles on and off! Try it and breathe easier.

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