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Beating Burglaries and Thinking Like Thieves

By on March 5, 2014

TV’s “Police Story” premiered in 1952. It was based on police files and real-life crime, where burglaries rank No. 1.

Even if you’ve taken steps to protect yourself — like locking doors and windows, installing security lights and having mail and papers picked up when you are away — you still might become a target for burglars. Most burglaries are of the grab-and-run variety, taking four minutes or less.

Think as the crooks do. You know they know about keys under doormats. Same goes for obvious hiding spots in the home for valuables, such as cookie jars, sock drawers and under mattress. They’re the first places a crook looks. The most ransacked areas are bedrooms and dining rooms, while broom closets and garages often are ignored.

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