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Basement Remodeling

By on January 4, 2014

Want a basement rec’ room (to avoid a wrecked living room)? What to know

Got lots of company today — friends and relatives visiting, relaxing and watching football? Here’s what you’ll need to know if you’re considering a basement rec room to avoid a wrecked (living) room. Basements are quite regional; they’re found mostly in the East and Midwest. However, many older homes in big cities virtually anywhere often have them, too. Those with this extra space should consider turning it into a finished place for relaxation and entertaining.

Today, an average basement remodel costs $30,000. Done right, it not only improves a home’s livability and entertainment quotient, but, at resale, about 80 percent or $24,000 can be recovered, as well. Key factors to consider are moisture control, both for comfort and to prevent interior damage, and light with regard to room illumination and colors for interior surfaces and decorating. Keep it light, bright warm and dry.

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