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How to avoid clogged gutter problems

By on August 21, 2016


Fall is coming which means that soon, people’s minds will be in the gutter!  Each year clogged gutters cause thousands of dollars in damage to homes including wet basements, cracked foundations, rotting fascia boards, ice dams and water damage to interior walls, floors and ceilings.  If that’s not enough cause for concern there is also the unfortunate U.S. statistic of more than 90,000 people per year being admitted to the Emergency Room after falling from a ladder.  Keeping your gutter flowing and keeping you off that dangerous ladder is good for your wallet and your health!

There are many options to consider when it comes to gutter guards. From cheap plastic screens to complicated gutter covers that cost thousands, the choices can be overwhelming.  We would like to introduce you to what we believe to be the best, common sense solution to keep your gutters flowing, GutterBrush Simple Gutter Guard.

What Is GutterBrush?

A simple, innovative leaf guard. A large cylinder shaped brush that fills rain gutters and protects them year round.  Prevents the buildup of leaves and debris while allowing water to flow.

Why GutterBrush? What Makes It Unique?

Simplicity – No tools needed. Nothing attached to Gutters or slid under shingles. – Just slide 3 ft. sections of GutterBrush  end to end into gutter channel and leave it there year round.  Easy access to gutters for cleaning or maintenance if needed.

Affordable – At just over $3 / ft., GutterBrush costs thousands less than most gutter covers or screened systems and saves money vs. paying for regular gutter cleaning.

Helps Prevent Ice Dams and Icicles. Black bristles exposed to sunlight warm up and promote quicker melting of any snow and ice.

Prevent Birds, Rodents & Insects – Many customers are using GutterBrush to keep birds, critters and insects from perching or nesting in their gutters.

Guaranteed  – Money back performance guarantee.

Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Contractor Opportunities:

GutterBrush is a simple Do It Yourself product, but many homeowners prefer to avoid working from a ladder.  Contractors find GutterBrush to be a simple, profitable item they can offer their customers.  GutterBrush provides discounted pricing, samples, brochures, display materials and listing on partner map for referrals.

Property Management / Commercial Use:

GutterBrush is a favorite for many Property Managers and Facility Managers who are looking to reduce gutter related expenses and damage at their locations.


Available in 5 Sizes: 3.25” – 8.00” Diameters

Material: UV Protected Polypropylene Bristles spun through a Galvanized Steel Wire Core

Packaged in 3 ft. lengths along with a couple 18 in. sections to avoid the need for cutting or tools.

Phone: 888-397-9433    Website:

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