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Attic Access

By on January 4, 2014

Pull-down folding stairs: They’re good if installed right and made of sturdy wood

It was Thursday and I was working the residential detail with my partner Frank — that’s Detective Frank Furter. I’m Joe Friedegg, home improvement cop. We’re on our way to San Jose to investigate a 7-11 — attic access negligence. Not a pretty picture. “Open up! Attic police. Report says you installed new pull-down attic access stairs. Caller says it’s flimsy and installed all wrong. Mind if we have a look. Uh huh. Just as we thought — no metal support rods under the steps. Could break through when you carry anything up. The treads are also far too narrow, side stringers are weak and flimsy and the bottoms are cut off too short. We’re gonna have to write you up and insist that you replace it with a better unit. Minimum weight capacity should be 250 pounds installed, with 16 penny nails or lag bolts. Any less could result in serious injury. Remember — ignorance is no excuse and improper attic access is a crime. Those are the facts, sir.”

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