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Artwork: Junk or Masterpiece?

By on February 22, 2014

“Sanford and Son” debuted on TV in 1972, with Fred and Lamont running a junkyard where they consistently proved that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Ever find an old dusty painting up in the attic or at a garage sale and then start wondering what it’s really worth? Today you’ll learn a little art-world expertise to help you tell if it’s junk or a masterpiece? Suspect the painting has more than just sentimental value? Here’s what to do and not do!

First, don’t dust it. Loose paint could flake or come off in layers. Should any paint fall off, save it. Also, don’t remove the painting from the frame. Original frames provide background information and often increase the value of the painting.

Photograph the painting and use that to check with art historians, restorers, art dealers, or an auction house to see if what you have warrants a paid appraisal. If so, expect to pay about $300. If not, just hang it over your fireplace and enjoy!

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