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Appliance Colors are Coming!

By on January 3, 2014
Red Fridge

In 1775, Paul Revere made his famous ride back to warn colonists “the British are coming.” If he were to mount up to warn homeowners today about what’s coming in appliances, he’d be shouting “the colors are coming” and “here comes red” instead of the redcoats. In the ’70s, avocado and gold were in. In the ’80s, black was all the rage. And, in the ’90s, stainless steel was the look. Today color — lots of color — bright and bold is what’s gracing high-end appliances.

Sixty-five million major appliances will be sold this year and of these about 10 percent will be high-end models. Experts say bright tones are driving big prices. In $1,000 washers and dryers, it could be yellow. A $600 dishwasher might be sea green or cobalt blue. To tell us about a $2,000 refrigerator’s hue, Paul Revere might now be heard to cry: “the red (paint) coats are coming. Get ready to pay.” Can avocado be far behind?

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