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Anti-bacterial Hand Soap

By on August 4, 2014
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Lots of folks didn’t get a flu shot this year, and thus are looking for other ways to stay healthy. Will anti-bacterial soap keep you from getting sick? Recent findings from the Infectious Disease Society of America indicate that anti-bacterial soaps not only do not effectively kill bacteria, but might also create a whole new strain of drug-resistant “super bugs.”

Anti-bacterial soaps, which contain an anti-microbial agent called triclosan, do kill germs in theory, but you must wash your hands for several minutes for triclosan to do its job. In normal hand-washing, some does remain on hands and sinks, but not in strengths necessary to kill the critters. Instead, it makes them drug-resistant.

A better solution: Use alcohol-based waterless gels or single alcohol wipes in foil packets. Nothing escapes these germ fighters.

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