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American Pride, Done Right

By on February 8, 2014
care of the american flag

Ever since Betsy Ross made the first flag in 1776, Old Glory has flown from rooftops and flagpoles, from border to border and coast to coast. Considering all that has happened, and with more flags being displayed than ever before, it’s important we display with proper respect.

Here are some star-spangled “manners:

  1. The Union (or blue field) always goes upper left, hung vertically, out in the open;the union faces North or East.
  2. Over a sidewalk, it goes farthest from the building.
  3. With other flags, the U.S. flag always is highest
  4. Flown from an automobile, the flag is always on the right or passenger side.
  5. Finally, when it becomes worn and tattered, a flag never should be “thrown away,” but rather disposed of with respect.

Most American Legion posts and Boy Scout troops conduct ceremonies for this purpose. For more tips (and even info on building a flag pole.)

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