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Ambilight (Mom Was Right)

By on March 25, 2014

Remember when Mom used to tell you to leave a light on while watching TV? Today you’ll learn that a new technology called Ambilight proves that Mom was right!

The folks at Philips TV (also known for leading the way in lighting) have brought TV and light together to reduce eyestrain and “magically” enhance picture quality. They’ve added a halo of soft light that illuminates the wall around the TV screen, which (for some unknown scientific reason) creates the perception of a clearer, sharper picture on any already “brilliant” LCD or plasma screen!

Furthermore, a hand-held remote dims or raises the light level and lets you select any color of the spectrum to accent programming, such as green for football, blue or magenta for movies, and so on. Philips Ambilight… Mom was right!

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