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Air King Tops the Energy Efficiency Charts with the D4 Series Exhaust Fans

By on August 13, 2017

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Air King, a leading manufacturer of ventilation products, announced the addition of the D4 series exhaust fans to its line of ventilation and indoor air quality products.

The D4 series provides the perfect solution for residential ventilation while removing obstacles for builders/installers. The D4 series features an energy efficient DC motor that maintains the airflow (CFM) ratings across multiple static pressures. Air King president, Jeff Kenkelen says, “One issue that builders always face when it comes to meeting ventilation codes such as ASHRAE 62.2 is what the real world performance is going to be when factors such as static pressure, length of duct runs and so forth are added into the equation. The D4 series solves that with a motor that adjusts the ventilation according to the static pressure in the system. This takes away concerns that the fan will not pass an inspector’s airflow tests.”

The D4 series is recognized as the Most Efficient of ENERGY STAR® 2017. The Most Efficient category of ENERGY STAR recognizes products that achieve the highest levels of energy efficiency in their respected categories. In the ventilation category, fans must meet strict criteria for the ratio of airflow (CFM) to energy usage (Watts). 

The Air King D4 series can be used to meet local and national codes for indoor air quality including ASHRAE 62.2, CalGREEN, LEED for Homes and more. Each model provides up to 120 CFM of ventilation power with a self-adjusting DC motor that maintains the airflow across multiple static pressures while operating at almost silent sound levels. Models with automated motion and/or humidity sensors are available. 

Key features of the D4 series include:

  • Ability to dial in the desired airflow from 40 to 120 CFM.
  • DC motor maintains CFM ratings across multiple static pressures.
  • Nearly silent operation, the homeowner may not even know it is operating.
  • 6″ round duct connector with gasketed damper protects against backdrafts and seals the duct better than any other damper on the market today.

For more information visit Air King 

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