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Air-Conditioning System Troubleshooting Checklist

By on April 30, 2014

Is it hot where you live and is your air-conditioning system not working? You may contact an HVAC services company so you don’t get stuck in the hot Arizona heat this summer. Here are a few things to check first before calling a repairman.

No. 1 on the Carey Brothers’ “no-go” checklist is to check your thermostat. This is often the source of many air-conditioning system problems. Perhaps somebody changed the temperature setting or, if it’s programmable, make sure the “on-off” settings are still correct. If things are OK here, check the power.

See if the circuit-breaker has been tripped or turned off. If you have a fuse box, check to see if a fuse has blown. If power’s OK, look for a cut-off switch (located right on the air conditioner). See if someone or something knocked it into the “off” position.

If everything checks out, and it’s still “no-go,” it’s probably time to call for a 24 hour ac repair service. If you do get it running, but no cool air comes out, perhaps the filter’s clogged and needs changing.

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