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5 Simple Ways to Save Water In Your Garden

By on April 14, 2018
save water in garden

There are a few simple rules to be considered a California resident; you have to be a fan of In-N-Out Burger, have a respect for surfing, and try, in every way possible, to save water.

We have battled our way out of a drought, but, in no way, have we fully recovered. With growing season upon us, we’re beginning to wonder how we can do our part and save water. Luckily, moneytalksnews.com has a list of 5 ways to save water in your garden.

Drip irrigation has always been the most effective way to penetrate deep into your soil. Get yourself a soaker hose, which is just a hose with holes in it, and begin saving!

Mulch, mulch, mulch. Mulching will not only lock in the soils moisture, it also prevents weed growth. This tip saves time, water, and money!

When it comes to saving water, timing is everything. Water in the mornings when there’s less wind and a lower temperature. This will ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck because there’ll be less water evaporation.

Save on water by recycling it! Making a delicious meal tonight that consists of steamed veggies? Use that leftover water for your garden. If it’s not too late in your part of the country, start collecting rain water. When I was stationed in Alaska, my neighbor used to tell me that when it comes to gardening, “there is no water, like rain water.”

There is no better way to waste water and run up your water bill than overwatering. Overwatering will destroy a garden because the waterlogged roots cannot absorb enough oxygen and the plant will eventually die. You also have the option to use artificial turf to save on your water bill.

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