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2nd Chance Resolutions

By on August 4, 2014

It’s day four of the New Year, and by now you’ve probably broken all your resolutions. So much for losing weight, exercise, quitting smoking, getting organized and bringing about world peace. Don’t despair because today is “second-chance day.” Here’s how it works. From deep within the Carey Brothers’ vault of New Year’s resolution solutions, we bring the latest way to save the day.

Resolve to do something around the house like tightening loose screws in a door hinge or fixing that broken chair leg, or putting up shelves or maybe adding a dimmer switch. If you feel a bit more energetic, build a bookcase or put up track lighting, clean out the garage or maybe paint a room or two. Who knows, you just might burn off some calories and get some exercise, which will go a long way toward making good on your original resolutions.

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