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8 Tips for Organized Bedroom Closet

By on February 25, 2016


Twelve pairs of blue jeans, nineteen skirts and eleven white t-shirts. Your dresser drawers are full and will not close, and you’re running out of closet hangers! Your never-ending shelf of sweatshirts gets steeper by the day. Sound familiar? You’re not alone. On average, we wear 20 percent of our clothes, 80 percent of the time. That’s mainly for two reasons; we don’t have time to get rid of garments we never wear, or, simply can’t find what we’re looking for amid the mess.

It’s hard to clean out your closet, period. But it doesn’t have to be. In fact, once your closet is organized, you’ll find that you gain time each morning because you don’t have to search for clothes. You will save money from not having to purchase more clothes, simply because you can’t find something. And most importantly, you will experience less stress because messy closets are stressful!

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Ready to tackle your cluttered closet? Here are eight tips from the experts at Organized Living that will make the process easier!

  1. Dedicate time to tackle the project and commit to your goal. We recommend spending a full day without interruptions. This allows you to stay focused but, still gives you time to take short breaks.
  2. Begin the sorting process. Grab a ‘donate’ and ‘trash’ bin. Pull out each garment and ask yourself these three questions: 1.) does the item still fit? 2.) how many of the same item do I have? and) is the item in good condition? If the item doesn’t fit but is in good condition, or if you have duplicates, it’s time to donate. However, if the items is torn or faded, it’s time to throw it out.
  3. Evaluate what’s left. Once you’ve sorted through everything, you’ll have a better idea of what you need to make room for in your closet. Do a quick inventory to determine how much space you need to store what’s left. Use this clothing measurement guide for help.
  4. Plan your design. If you don’t have room for everything and are stuck with one basic rod and shelf, think about redesigning your closet. You can design a new closet online or get help from a local closet
  5. Put everything back in place. Once you’ve purged your closet and are happy with the design, it’s time to put your clothes, shoes, and accessories back in place. Best practice is to categorize your wardrobe by work and casual attire. Then, further, divide into seasons.
  6. Organize by season. If you have extra storage space, store out of season clothes in containers or garment bags in your basement or attic. Or, in under the bed containers. Then, rotate seasons to save space. Use this wardrobe storage checklist to ensure clothes are stored properly during the off months.
  7. Think outside of the closet. Gain extra storage space on the back of the closet door with an over the closet door organizer. Or, add hooks or a belt hanger inside of your closet to store scarves, handbags, and belts.
  8. And lastly, use matching hangers. With them, your clothes will hang at the same height, and your closet will have an instant sense of organization. Wood hangers work well because they discourage you from shoving garments too close together.


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