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  • pets and heat tips
    HVAC experts warning pet owners about hot homes, proper pet care

    Summertime is here, and cities across the nation are hitting new, all-time high temperatures. The heat and humidity in Atlanta continue to rise, and air conditioning units are feeling the stress to keep homes cooled. As this...

    • Posted July 20, 2017
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  • electrical
    Show Notes: Finding A Reputable Contractor

      Remodeling season is almost here. Have you found a dream contractor for your home remodeling project? Choose your contractor carefully! No other decision will have a greater impact on the success or failure of your project. The...

    • Posted May 6, 2017
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  • warm house prep tips
    4 tips you can still use to help keep your home warm, comfortable and energy efficient this winter

    (BPT) – With winter comes the holiday season, a time that’s supposed to be associated with “comfort and joy.” But how joyful will it be if pests invade your house, or if your home is cold and...

    • Posted December 1, 2016
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  • Air ventilation
    Tip of the Day: Air-circulation Investigation

           Here is one quick, money-saving tip that will help you fix up and improve your home. All from the award-winning On The House Tip of the Day.  

    • Posted November 18, 2016
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  • Air conditioner
    Show Notes: HVAC, Home Tech and Halloween

    Have you ever cleaned your heat ducts? Give it a go, it may save some money on home energy bills. Is a new vinyl floor in your future? Thinking  about some home tech products to upgrade your space? We have help for...

    • Posted October 23, 2016
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  • hot water heater
    Is your high-efficiency water heater going to lead to heartache later on?

    (BPT) – It’s time to replace your old, energy-guzzling water heater, boiler, dehumidifier or furnace and you’ve done your homework. You’re going to save energy and money in the long run by switching to a high-efficiency condensing...

    • Posted June 15, 2016
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  • Lennox HVAC
    The Lingo of HVAC

    The lingo of HVAC can be daunting for some – but, here’s the definition of five phrases and acronyms. AFUE – Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency is similar to SEER but pertains to furnaces. Heating products with higher...

    • Posted January 8, 2016
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  • Fixing Christmas Lights
    Show Notes: Merry Christmas Presents

    Merry Christmas to all our listeners and readers. We hope you enjoy our special holiday show with lots of gifts for you. Thank you to our guests: Jose De La Portilla with Lennox Chef Marcel Cocit...

    • Posted December 19, 2015
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  • Learning HVAC Lingo with Jose De La Portilla, plus gift ideas under $20

    In this hour, The Carey Brothers dicuss HVAC lingo with Joe De Le Portilla, last minute gift ideas under $20 and more.

    • Posted December 19, 2015
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  • Show Notes: Autumn Home Overhaul

    It’s time to get the autumn home overhaul and safety checks on. Join James and Morris is week for timesaving and serious tips for your winter weather home prep. Thank you to our guest, Cesar Chavez of...

    • Posted October 10, 2015
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