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Wood Planing Just Moved Up to a New Level

By on April 28, 2016

We love good tools. And Bosch is no exception. Their power tools are made for really serious DIY’ers, yes, and even cabinetmakers – anyone who wants precision results.

Bosch PL2632

Bosch PL2632

We recently had the opportunity to use Bosch’s PL2632 electric planer. What a jewel. We know what CoolToolReviewLOGOS300you’re thinking: “How much more advanced could a planer get?” Here’s a taste of what we’ve discovered:

  1. This is the first-ever power tool to have an AMBIDEXTROUS LOCK-OFF RELEASE BUTTON to help avoid accidental starts, plus a LOCK-ON BUTTON for extended operation without tearing your wrist to bits.
  2. The 6.5 AMP POWER RATING and the 16,500 RPM SPEED make for quick planing and a really smooth finish.
  3. The DUAL-MOUNT GUIDE FENCE has a protective shield and a plastic cover shoe for consistent and scratch-free planing.
  4. Here’s a great one. The SPRING-LOADED STAND elevates the tool to protect the blade.
  5. Also, the RESTING SPOT at the front of the tool allows the user to begin planing in the middle of a work piece.
  6. Not last or least, the BALL-JOINT CORD SWIVEL is especially important. Obviously, it allows for improved ease of use, but it also increased cord lasting quality.
  7. The RATCHETING DEPTH-KNOB allows for foolproof setting of depth increments from 0 to 0.1 In. (2.6 mm) within only one revolution – eliminating the need to re-zero the depth.
  8. What good is a cutting tool without really good blades! Bosch offers it special REVERSIBLE CARBIDE MINI-BLADES. Bosch WOODRAZOR® MICROGRAIN MINI CARBIDE BLADES resist fractures from nail strikes and last up to 30% longer than standard industry carbide blades.

So, you ask, “How much more advanced can a planer get?” And now you know the rest of the story. Bosch PL1632 and PL2632!

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