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Weekly Newsletter Saturday, July 11

By on July 14, 2015


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11 Ways to Creating A Backyard Fantasy

The backyard is a favorite spot for spring and summer entertaining for American families. When we were kids, our backyard consisted of an old rusty grill, a patio table and a few chairs. >>Read More


Landscaping Tools for the Pro and Homeowner

We met up with the team from AMES at this year’s National Hardware Show and talked tools.The Razor-Back is for the industrial landscaping professional that promises to be as tough a tool as they need.For the homeowners – TrueTemper Tools will do you. The gang couldn’t get enough of it. >>Watch Our Video

 dishwasher magic

Get Your Dishwasher Working Like New Again

Is your dishwasher leaving behind spots and stains? Does it struggle to remove baked-on messes? If so, there’s a good chance its poor performance is because of mineral buildup inside the machine. This has become a particular problem since phosphates have been banned in detergents in many places. >>More

15 Refreshing Ideas for a Bathroom Makeover

From statement mirrors and sculptural tubs to bright hues and indoor-outdoor showers, bathroom design has come a long way from the basic choices of years past. If you’re thinking of changing things up in your master bath or powder room, see if one of these of-the-moment design ideas inspires you via HOUZZ. >>More

Beefing Up Home Security

Tips to give you and your family greater piece of mind.

The Secret To Paint Removal!

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