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Wayne Dalton Garage Doors Anchor Home’s Aesthetic Appeal

By on October 1, 2017
Wayne Dalton

Wayne-Dalton’s Model 6600 Carriage House Steel garage door was used at 604 Second Street. Great work on the install, by Bay-To-Bay Garage Doors.

A renovated home in the San Francisco Bay Area promises to set the standard for a turn-of-the-20th century Craftsman bungalow — all the way to the architecturally compatible, eye-catching garage door.

“People don’t have to settle for a plain, boring garage door anymore,” says Sarah Schram, brand manager for Wayne Dalton, founded in 1954, and which operates its one million-square-foot manufacturing facility in the Amish country of Mt. Hope, Ohio. “This particular door is crafted from composite wood to get that old-world carriage house feel.”

And, while the wood grain embossment and overlays allow you to customize your garage door with ease, Schram notes that it’s the extensive decorative hardware options that provide the exquisite finishing touch. A great example is the Spear line, featuring pull handles and hinges that give this garage door “that barn door look.”

“Garage doors can account for as much as 40 percent of a home’s curb appeal,” says James Carey of the Carey Bros. Remodeling Team that is doing the historic restoration at 604 Second Street in Brentwood, Calif. That’s why garage doors should never be overlooked in your home remodeling project.

“In addition, they’re the single largest moving part in most American homes. Wayne-Dalton products offer builders and consumers attractive designs and finishes and peace of mind, knowing that their doors will operate safely and efficiently.”

The house currently under renovation was originally a catalog order, kit-constructed home that reportedly was among the roughly 600 bungalows heralded from the nearby coal and copper mining communities in the early 1900s.

“We have a lot of history with this town,” says homeowner Mike McClellan. “We wanted to do our part to revitalize the downtown.”

While he and his wife, Robin, chose a classic white garage door, Wayne Dalton features 6,000 color and stain choices, with its TruChoice custom system.

And while the look of the door is what initially impresses the occupant or the passerby, it also stands out for its durable steel construction.

“This garage door has a really high insulation rating (R-value),” Schram says of the more efficient and quieter polyurethane construction. “It’s incredibly thermally efficient.”

This feature bodes well for McClellan, who anticipates logging contented hours in his refurbished garage, restoring cars and building furniture.

Wayne Dalton

“Wayne Dalton is one of the most innovative garage door companies out there,” says Morris Carey. “They have every size, shape and style. And they have the A #1 designs that can enhance the curb appeal of any home.”

The Wayne Dalton website features its Garage Door Design Center to help homeowners visualize how much a well-crafted, customized door can accentuate the look and feel of their property.

“For any architectural style, we have a residential garage door model to fit it and make your home look spectacular,” adds Schram, noting the wide menu, from traditional wood to the recent release of Wayne Dalton’s modern, all-glass door.

For more information, visit www.wayne-dalton.com. Follow the progress of the historic renovation by visiting 604secondstreet.onthehouse.com.

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