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Waterproofing Home Made Rocks

By on February 23, 2014


My daughter made some great plaster “rocks” that we used last year in a small recirculating waterfall. My husband gave them three coats of Thompson’s Water Seal, and we sat the bottom ones on gravel to protect them. But, they eventually began to flake where moisture didn’t dry between uses. We’d like to seal them, but don’t know what to use. Is there anything that won’t make them shiny? We’d like to keep them as natural looking as possible.



You’re in luck! McCloskey, makers of fine stains, paints and sealers, manufactures a product called “Clear Stone Finish”. The product is a polyurethane (liquid plastic) McCloskey says will provide a durable, low-sheen finish and will resist weather, scuffing, grease, water, acid and chemicals. It’s designed to be used with exterior and interior stone, masonry, quarry tile, flagstone, concrete, brick, slate and man-made products. You should find this product acceptable for use with all of your rocks!

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