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Is Water Dripping from your Freezer?

By on January 3, 2014

Solving freezer crime

You open the freezer and water drips on your foot. It’s Christmastime and you don’t want to buy a new refrigerator or spend $500 on a fast-talking repairman. Don’t worry. You are just another victim of needless self-defrosting freezer crime, a nasty little secret nobody likes to talk about. It causes a mess and smells up your freezer and your kitchen, if you don’t move fast to stop it.

First turn off the freezer dial. Then arm yourself with a turkey baster — full of hot water. Look for the drain hole on the bottom of the freezer, way in back. It’s a half-inch hole probably under water, and might be blocked with ice. Clear it, put the baster in the hole and blast away. Mold and mildew has trapped water, which then froze and clogged the drain. Pour some warm water and bleach through, too. Then remove and clean the drip pan below. Freezer crime solved!

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