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WarmlyYours Offers Customized Coziness

By on September 26, 2017

A tailor-made comfy feel in the home begins with the bottom of your feet, and WarmlyYours, with its positive and ethical focus, offers the homeowner heated flooring options that are hard to beat. WarmlyYours’ Environ rolls and mats work well beneath carpeting and floating hardwood.

“We’re a strength-based company… It’s about knowing how we want to treat each other, our customers and how we’re going to pay it forward,” says owner and president Julia Billen, “and that radiates out to our charitable efforts as well.”

Radiant is a guiding mantra for the Illinois-headquartered company, as inspires a sense of passion, engagement and innovation in a product line that expands according to customer demand.

The company’s TempZone sub-final floor heating system is customized for the needs of the homeowner. The client simply maps out the desired toasty footprint and soon signs off on the ensuing shop drawings.

“And the nice thing is you don’t do anything except lay it down like a rug. It’s like a big, thin bath mat. It’s unbelievably easy to install, I mean unbelievably easy,” says Morris Carey of the Carey Bros. Remodeling Team, that is currently renovating a turn of the 20th century Craftsman bungalow in the San Francisco Bay Area. “It’s so simple, so fast and it’s a cost effective solution in the home to cold floors.”

“In an historic home, it’s really about having a level of comfort,” Billen says, describing the radiant mass of sensor-detected heat that quickly warms people and objects in that room. “It’s dissipating heat that forced air can’t touch.”

The blue membrane warming mat, with its easy-to-install wiring that hooks up to “a (touch screen), very smart thermostat,” Carey says, “can accommodate all types of materials, be it tile, vinyl or linoleum.”

Such efficiency bodes well for a cost-effective standpoint as well. “The clock is ticking. Time is of the essence. This way the installers get out of there faster,” says Billen.

Efficiency is optimized with WarmlyYours’ available time-saving electrical kit, containing all of the requisite components, and “we’ll tell you exactly what you need for a particular project,” Billen adds, noting the 24/7 installation support and their heat loss calculator, which will help determine if floor heating makes sense as a primary heat source.

And, with WarmlyYours’ strict adherence to quality assurance – with its audible safety circuit check, which detects nicks or cuts in the wiring during the installation — it’s highly improbable that problems will arise later on.

“We know on arrival that we have a quality product… and we’re always looking for where the next need is… ,” says Billen, a self-proclaimed “lifelong entrepreneur.”

“We’re constantly seeing ways to make our products more energy efficient,” she adds. “We really have a living brand.”

For more information, visit http://www.warmlyyours.com. Follow the progress of the historic renovation by visiting www.604secondstreet.onthehouse.com.


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