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Want to Get Rid of Ants for Good? Do the TERRO® Two-Step!

By on June 15, 2016

Want to Get Rid of Ants for Good? Do the TERRO® Two-Step!

In traditional Texas two-step dancing, it’s customary for the man to lead and the woman to follow. Although dealing with household pests is no promenade, it can feel a lot like ants are taking the lead – and even stepping on some toes.

Whether they’re waltzing across your kitchen counter or shuffling into your pantry, ants are always unwelcome houseguests.

TERRO®, a leader in DIY ant control products, offers a simple, two-step approach to control ants and teach them not to mess with Texas.

Step #1 – Bait, Wait & Eliminate
terro liquid ant bait
The first step toward successful long-term control of ants is a lot like getting a partner out on the dance floor – you’ve got to lure them in.

To attract and kill household ants, place ready-to-use TERRO® Indoor Liquid Ant Baits near areas where ants have been observed. As ant foragers look for food, they are naturally drawn to the sweet ant bait. The worker ants consume the liquid and drop a pheromone trail as they head back to the nest to share the bait with the colony. The freshly laid trail leads the other worker ants directly to the food supply. This explains why initially, you will always see a surge in ants when using liquid ant baits

The ant bait is deliberately designed to gradually kill foraging ants after they consume the sugary liquid. Slowly killing the ants is the key to effective long-term ant control because it gives the worker ants enough time to ingest the bait, return to the nest, and share it with the rest of the colony.

Depending on the size of the colony, complete control of an ant infestation can range from a day or two up to two weeks.

Step #2 – Kill the Ants You See, and the Ones You Don’t

Terro Ant BaitFor many homeowners, finding ants indoors isn’t their first dance with an ant infestation.

Often, homeowners don’t realize that most ant infestations are linked to a colony that is thriving in the soil outside of their house. What this means is that the next line of defense involves baiting outdoors to keep unwanted ants from migrating indoors.

When baiting outdoors, begin by walking around the perimeter of your house to locate streams of ant traffic. Inspect potential entry points into your home, including windows, doors and exhaust vents.

Terro Ant ControlDepending on the size of an outdoor ant infestation, place TERRO® Outdoor Liquid Ant Bait Stakes or TERRO® Outdoor Liquid Ant Baits near ant trails or where ants are observed entering your home. The Outdoor Liquid Ant Bait stations are ideal for tackling large infestations with three times more bait per box than the Liquid Ant Bait Stakes.

Featuring weather-resistant housing, the Outdoor Liquid Ant Bait Stakes and Outdoor Liquid Ant Baits are pre-filled and ready-to-use. Both are designed to prevent the liquid ant bait from drying out, ensuring the ants have a continuous supply of food.

Monitor the bait regularly for activity, but be careful not to interfere with the ants or the bait. This will ensure the TERRO two-step method is not a ‘two steps forward and one step back’ process. Done properly, the TERRO two-step is proven to get you moving in the right direction.

TERRO liquid ant bait products may be purchased at leading retailers nationwide or online at www.terro.com



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