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Wall Insulation – I’m Hot/Cold!

By on October 1, 2014
blow-in insulation to walls


I own a single-story home in Livermore, CA, that was built in 1964, and it can get quite warm/cold in summer and winter. I’d like to check into getting insulation blown into the walls prior to having the exterior painted. Is there a way to determine if there was insulation used when it was built? Could I go ahead and have insulation blown into the walls if there is any existing insulation? I’d appreciate any advice/recommendations you could provide.



To determine the presence of insulation, many insulation contractors utilize a tool that can measure heat transference in a wall. Others inspect by boring holes and using a camera. There is the chance that insulation exists and has settled. If settlement has occurred it is wise to blow in more. By the way, attic and floor insulation can help to eliminate your hot/cold condition.

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