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Vaseline – A Slick Idea

By on January 2, 2014

Uses for Vaseline

Back in the old wild-wild-West days, petroleum jelly made its debut using the trade name “Vaseline.” It’s remained unchanged for more than 120 years. It’s one of those all-purpose, handy-dandy products that cowboys and homeowners have been using for just about everything — from softening saddles, to preventing rust on tools, guns and metal stuff of all kinds.

Rub a little on your hands and you’ve got yourself an invisible glove of sorts that makes dirty, messy cleanups easier. Rub a little on your face and you’ve got a shiny look that protects your mug from spattering paint when you’re sprucing up the old ranch house. Rub a little on any kind of threads — from nuts and bolts to light bulb bases — for easy-on, easy-off, in-and-out, and to prevent corrosion and make seals watertight. Experiment a tad and you’ll find even more uses for petroleum jelly, but we’ll be darned if we know what it was invented for in the first place.

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