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Turn a Basic Backyard into an Outdoor Oasis

By on August 6, 2017

Summer is in full swing, but many homeowners aren’t maximizing their backyard’s potential for fun in the sun. Creating a vibrant  backyard, outdoor space can expand the living area of one’s home, while providing a unique venue for entertaining or relaxation, allowing homeowners to enjoy every free moment to the fullest.

From the ultimate sports bar to a zen paradise, the outdoor design possibilities are endless and can be customized to meet one’s priorities, be it entertaining friends and family or creating the perfect tranquil retreat.  Napoleon, a leader in home comfort, recently enlisted a third party research firm to help examine the connection people have to different areas of their home and outdoor spaces, and how the design of those spaces can have a direct impact on emotions.

“The research shows the most loved areas of the home combine relaxation, socialization, and functionality,” said Stephen Schroeter, Napoleon’s senior vice-president of sales and marketing. “Outdoor spaces provide a great opportunity to accommodate all three, yet they are still vastly underutilized by most homeowners.”

Following are Schroeter’s top tips for creating the outdoor oasis of one’s dreams:

Add an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are growing in popularity — and for good reason. Not only do they meet a basic need, but they do so in a fun, engaging atmosphere. Who wants to be stuck inside preparing a meal when the party is out under the sun or stars?!

The showpiece of every great outdoor kitchen is a quality, professional grill, which can be freestanding, or built-in to save on space. Innovative products like the OASIS Outdoor Kitchen allow users to personalize their outdoor area with a cooking and storage solution that fits their space and their budget. Other culinary considerations include outdoor refrigerators or beer dispensers to keep beverages cold and flowing freely, pizza ovens, and sinks for easy clean-up.

Establish a Gathering Place

One of the most important features of an outdoor space are areas for socializing. A central location with a variety of seating options creates a welcoming atmosphere.

Adding the element of fire to a space sparks emotion, provides a focal point, and enables the space to be used later into the season. Consider a built-in fireplace or a fire pit that can be moved to different locations depending on the situation.

Create Privacy, Divided Zones

Escape the hustle and bustle while making a space feel more intimate using barriers like large plants or trees, a pergola, or privacy panels. Designing distinct spaces with divided zones helps create the feel of a secluded getaway and gives each area purpose.

Design for All the Senses

Our favorite spaces are those that delight all the senses. In addition to designing a comfortable, beautiful space, consider adding outdoor speakers for music that sets the mood. And a water feature is both beautiful and eliminates street noise. Relax and enjoy the delicious smell of grilling or the experience of roasting marshmallows over an open flame. Consider adding fragrant bushes to fill the night with a sweet scent. Get creative.

Add Accents

Small touches can go a long way. Homeowners can personalize a space with items that define their style and personality or focus on a fun theme. Don’t be afraid to add bold pops of color! An outdoor living area is a great place to explore a more adventurous design than inside the home.

It’s never too late to transform a simple backyard into a welcoming oasis.

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