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Tune Up Your Door Latch

By on July 25, 2014

Got doors that have changed over time? Misaligned latches that don’t close right? As a house settles, doorknob latches and strike plates sometimes no longer line up, and doors won’t latch shut without extra effort. Today you’ll learn how to perform a door latch tune-up so you don’t have to lift, push, or pull to get it shut!

If the change in the alignment is minor, you can correct this without moving the strike plate. All you need is a hand-held rotary tool with a carbide bit designed for metal work. You can judge what needs grinding by studying what it takes to make it catch. If you have to push down on the doorknob, the top of the strike plate hole needs grinding. Conversely, if you have to lift, grind the bottom… and if it has to be pushed in, grind the outside edge.

The most important thing is to remove only small amounts of strike plate at one time. Trim a little here and a little there until it crosses effortlessly… just like it did when it was new. When it closes again, it’ll be thanks to you!

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