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By on February 15, 2014
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Sometimes pets get out of hand; when they do, you have to take charge. If pets are a new to you, animal obedience can be a little harder to achieve.

For cats that scratch, dogs that yelp and pups that roam, local animal shelters are good places for behavior tips and obedience seminars. You can contact organizations nationwide, too, through the Internet and online at shelter Web sites. One example is the Denver Humane Society’s Dumb Friends League — so called because they ‘speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.’ Their site offers all sorts of info including 60-plus detailed tips on obedience, care and training for dogs, cats and other species.

The information ranges from correcting destructive behavior to traveling with pets. You can reach them online at, or find others through search engines and articles. Local shelters and online Web sites can help get nippy little Fluffy and frisky little Spot ( under control. Log on.

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