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Tools: Heavy Duty Help For Everyone

By on October 13, 2015

We were tooling down the freeway recently when just ahead of us we spotted a regular, old fashioned, three-quarter ton, long bed pickup with a steel insert in the bed. Now, that really wasn’t so amazing until we got a little closer and we say words written on the side of the insert the indicated that it was a dumping device. Whoa! Talk about a couple of kids in a candy store! We sped up slightly and pulled along side. We didn’t even take time to write the number down. I went right into the cell phone.

After a ring or two there was a response, “Hello, can I help you?” “Do you sell dump trucks that fit into pickups?” we asked. Well, the answer we got was exactly what we wanted to hear. In moments we had acquired all of the information needed to purchase the electric dump bed insert that we had spotted on the freeway. What we learned in the next several days about construction hauling equipment fascinated both of us.

Until that day on the freeway – and after 23 years as remodeling contractors – we discovered that we could outfit our company pickups with an accessory (for under $2,000) that would pay for itself in labor savings in less than 6 months. Slide it in the bed and connect it to the truck with 4 bolts – that’s right – 4! Oh, then there was the battery connection for power. Yep, right from the truck’s electrical system.

Now we know that most of our readers aren’t in the construction business and therefore our discovery may not be as exciting as it is for us.

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