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‘Tis the Season! Updated Kitchen Hardware for the Holidays

By on December 12, 2014

8 Elegant Finishes for Your Kitchen Hardware

Time for a Change

The holiday season is a time of family, friends, and celebrations; for some this can also mean a harsh wake-up call that their home isn’t exactly in top entertaining shape. If your exterior and family rooms are spruced up for the holidays, why shouldn’t your kitchen be as well? A simple swap of your cabinet hardware can instantly update and refresh your space, in no time at all.

Small Investment, Big Impact

The range of adjustments and renovations that can be made to a kitchen can seem staggering – new cabinetry, flooring, fresh paint, etc. The beauty of swapping cabinet hardware is that it involves such minimal cost and effort, and makes such a strong visual impact. Having your cabinets painted costs an average of around $600, not to mention the time and inconvenience of having no access to your kitchen. High-quality and competitively-priced Berenson Corp. product makes swapping out your hardware the fastest and most cost-effective choice for a kitchen facelift.

Selecting Your Finish

Before breaking out the tools and screws, first things first: which finish will work the best? Hardware needs to look ideal with your cabinet style and color, and it is generally recommended that it coordinate with other fixtures in the room. Although there are a wide variety of specific finish types available, here are some great choices from Berenson Corp. to consider, as well as what they’ll say for your space:

Brushed Nickel

  • A true classic and one of the most popular finishes. Resilient and timeless, Brushed Nickel works in a full range of kitchen styles and hardware designs.

Polished Nickel

  • For a rich and sophisticated, traditional look. Warmer than Polished Chrome, and fit for a variety of kitchen styles and hardware.

Black Nickel

  • The darkest nickel that still has a beautiful and highlighted sheen, which works in traditional or transitional spaces.

Weathered Nickel

  • A more modern approach to Brushed Nickel, with a delicately aged appearance.


  • Warmer tones are expected to be big in interior design for 2015! When finished with a satin or more matte overtone, gold and brass look stunningly modern and jewel-like.

Polished Chrome

  • Clean and modern. The brilliant shine will be a great eye-catcher in your kitchen, especially when used on sleek, minimalist hardware.

Verona Bronze

  • A beautiful deep tone with subtle highlighted edging. Hardware with detailing allows this finish to shine, which looks best on more traditionally-styled cabinetry.

Oil Rubbed Bronze

  • Rich and dark, this finish is a true stunner. Add to light cabinets for a dramatic pop, or pair with darker woods for a more subtle addition.

Changing the Hardware

First, do a count of how many knobs and pulls you will need. For pulls, measure the CC or hole spacing, which is a key measurement when shopping for hardware. Some popular industry standards are 3”, 3-1/2”, 96mm, 128mm. When you work with a registered designer, Berenson’s hardware sample program lets you try up to 5 different hardware samples for free; forget second-guessing your choices when selecting size and style. Follow your instructions for installation, and be confident that you’ve just made a smart choice for your updated space.

And you’re done!

A fresh new look for your cabinets is a great way to instantly and effectively bring a dramatic change to your kitchen. Whether it’s a new finish or hardware design, this little change can help you feel confident and excited to host your holiday guests. If you feel like taking the inspiration even further, check out Berenson Corp.’s Pinterest board “Christmas Facelift for Your Kitchen.” A few extra decorative touches can really let that new hardware, and your whole kitchen, be the holiday show-stopper.

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