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Three More Gadgets to Make Your Home Smarter

By on September 9, 2015

Here’s a sneak peek at some new home automation gadgets on the market.


Place the Lockitron over your existing deadbolt and it connects to your phone. You can use your phone to lock or unlock the door from anywhere, share the ability to operate the door with friends, and best of all it fits on the inside of the door see you don’t need to worry about somebody messing with it. Anytime the door opens you get a message sent to your phone. Plus this device has Bluetooth so you can simply walk up to the door and it unlocks.

Phillips Hue


Phillips has begun selling a three pack of LED bulbs and a controller exclusively through Apple stores. This LED bold starter pack allows you to control your lighting remotely using a smartphone. These bulbs come with an app and a Wi-Fi receiver allowing full control of brightness, on/off, and color. It looks like the possibilities don’t end there. Late for work? Program the lights to turn red at specific times to warn you of impending doom. There are more features worth checking out which make this automated lighting solution worthy of our attention.


Gadgets that connect other gadgets together These are basically handheld, small, and aptly named computers that sense their surroundings and talk to your apps. This company allows you to connect all of your home “things” to the web. Everything you connect to the device talks to your smartphone if you want it. A knock at the door? Get an instant notification via Twitter or Facebook to your phone. Motion detected in your garage? Instant notification to your phone. Build a home security system on your own with these tools. This company has a true DIY spirit and you don’t need to be a “geek” to make this work.

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