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Thermostat Replacement

By on January 3, 2014
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Setback thermostats represent a programming breakthrough

“48 Hours” premiered in 1988. This programming breakthrough focused on a two-day period of time. Setback thermostats represent a programming breakthrough, too, with a capability to deliver pre-programmed heat and cooling commands for days, weeks and even months at a time. But, as high-tech as these instruments are, they’re only as good as their installation; improper placement or bad mechanics defeat even the most sophisticated units. While operation is complex, much of their installation is simple and basic.

First, when removing the old unit, spread wires apart so they don’t slip and fall down inside the wall. Before installing a new unit, seal the hole with foam insulation and caulk to prevent drafts. They can affect operation of a new thermostat. Also a level installation is needed. Then grab the directions, check the news (to see what the weather’s going to be) and set it (for 48 hours or as far ahead as you’d like) and forget it.

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