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The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

By on June 16, 2016

No matter what you’ve purchased for dad in the past, by reading on you are bound to discover several new and interesting items he doesn’t have in his current arsenal to cool tools and gadgets. And remember, nothing gets a “honey-do” done faster than the proper tool. By the way, prices for these items range from $3 to just under $600.


Large or small, if your home is like ours, available space is a premium. That’s exactly why this is our number one “Dad Pick” for father’s day. It’s not only a well built gadget, but it is as space efficient as a workshop can get. It’s a folding workbench and tool storage center. Heavy steel brackets are used to mount a real butcher block bench top at any height you like. Once mounted it provides a full 60-inch wide by 24-inch deep work surface that folds down and out of the way when not in use. An accompanying tool storage center is made of heavy plastic that boasts a “slat board” design. We think that grooved slat board storage is far more versatile than old fashioned peg board. The kit includes the work bench and tool center and a package of assorted slat board hooks and tool holders.  This item sells for a little over $550, but is worth every penny. For more information simply go to


This one is unbelievable. It is a miniature screwdriver that’s about the size of a half dollar and it has 4 blades. And get this – it’s sold as a key-chain fob. The inventor added a special twist that makes his tool more useful than all of the other multi-tip screwdrivers that we’ve ever seen. Tips include a typical #2 Phillips head and a standard straight blade. But, this is where the pocket screwdriver gets different – the other two tips are “teeny-weenie” sized straight-blade and Phillips blades that can be used for repairing eye glasses, jewelry and other small items. It’s simple, it’s inexpensive, it’s useful and it sells for under $3. For more information check out


Like it or not dad’s love gadgets. Where most dad’s have more than one remote control, they usually have more than one gadget that needs charging on a daily basis. And if we know dad’s that means you have cables and chargers laying around all over the place. Well, we discovered a neat little gadget that doubles as a father’s day gift and as a housekeeping problem solver as well. The charging station is nothing more than a sharp looking faux-leather container that conceals your plug strip, chargers and wires while at the same time it cradles up to four items for charging: cell phone, Bluetooth earpiece, etc. Dad will love having all of his gadgets in one place and you will love not having to look at all of the wires and a big mess. The price is right too – only $20. For more information go to


It’s really cool when someone comes up with a new twist on a couple of old tools. This one is a combination framing square and a level. What makes this even cooler is that it was invented and is being marketed and sold by women. How’s that for change in home improvement and remodeling – a gadget for dad that comes from the mind and heart of a woman! The tool is not only sturdy it’s light weight too. It’s available in several useful sizes up to and including that of a full size carpenter’s square. For a look at what womankind can do for mankind go to


When it comes to moving furniture, back injury can be a serious problem. The fellow who invented this gadget was a professional furniture mover who told us that he wanted to be able to move large pieces of furniture without risking back injury and without damaging expensive flooring like tile and hardwood. When we first saw this new tool we couldn’t believe our eyes. Two women were carrying a large breakfront and they weren’t even straining. No dolly, no cart, nothing except a couple of six-foot long by three-inch wide nylon straps. Simply lay the straps onto the floor in the shape of an “X” beneath the furniture to be moved. The two people who will be carrying the furniture will each place each of their arms through the arm holes at the ends of the straps. Stand up, lift and move the furniture. It couldn’t be more safe or simple and it costs under $30.

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