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  • Washing Machine Issue

    Q. I recently purchased a new home and desire to have the washing machine moved into the detached garage where the dryer is currently located. The problem is that the floor level in the garage is approximately...

    • Posted August 8, 2015
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  • Countertop
    Give Your Tile Shower or Countertop Some Pizzazz

    A frequent question that we receive concerns what to do with an old tile shower or kitchen or bath countertop that has lost its sizzle and what can be done to give it some pizzazz. Most of...

    • Posted June 12, 2015
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  • Shower Head Clogs Be Gone

    Clogged shower heads are annoying. When mineral deposits build up, water flow slows to a trickle. We tend to get used to it, and put up with it day after day, week after week. But, it doesn’t...

    • Posted April 21, 2014
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  • showers with fans help with mildew
    Shower Mildew

    Question I have a mildew problem on the ceiling above my shower. I do not have a window in the bathroom. I want to paint, but am worried it might just be covering a problem instead of...

    • Posted April 15, 2014
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  • bad mildew odor
    Lifelong Mildew Problem

    Question About five weeks ago the grout in my shower cracked as a result of normal new-house settlement. A mildew odor followed. I called the builder, who sent a man to repair the cracks. The builder advised...

    • Posted April 15, 2014
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  • caluking bathtub
    4 Easy Steps to Removed that Bathroom Mildew Buildup

    Question About a year ago I re-glued some loose tiles in the shower of my master bathroom and re-grouted the remainder of the tiles. At the bottom where the tile meets the shower pan, I applied silicone...

    • Posted April 15, 2014
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  • Frameless Shower Doors: The New Frontier

    In case you haven’t noticed, shower doors and enclosures have changed. Today you’ll learn that we’ve said good-bye to frames and anything average, standard, or mundane! Indeed, shower doors have undergone a tremendous evolution in recent years, with “less...

    • Posted March 18, 2014
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  • dryrot in a bathroom
    Dry Rot Under Vinyl Flooring

    Question I have dry rot underneath my vinyl floor, next to the shower in the bathroom. There is a ‘bubble’ formed. What kind of repair is involved and what is the estimated cost? Also, is this a...

    • Posted March 9, 2014
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  • shower-stall
    Bubbling Paint

    Question My shower room has paint falling off the sheetrock from steam. If I have the shower pan and stall walls replaced, is there anything I can use to cover the other sheetrock surfaces so I don’t...

    • Posted February 23, 2014
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  • Acrylic Tubs and Showers

    Do you think that only porcelain enamel bathtubs are of high quality? That other types won’t wear or hold up as well? Tubs and showers made of acrylic are tough. A few early tub and shower alternatives,...

    • Posted February 19, 2014
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