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  • Plumbing Tips for Beginners

    Tapping into your existing water system to install a drip irrigation system, a sprinkler system or even a backyard water fountain is simple, inexpensive and can be fun. But, there is a danger. That’s why it pays...

    • Posted March 31, 2016
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  • Quick Pipe Leak Fixes

    Being prepared to defend your home’s plumbing system against cold winter temperatures can prevent heart ache and save money – and it makes good sense too. You know, water- and sewer-line leaks occur year round – regardless...

    • Posted August 22, 2015
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  • Kitchen Faucet Probem

    Q. Often when I turn off my kitchen faucet there is a sudden fierce banging. This also occurs after my washing machine has completely filled and the water shuts off. It’s very annoying. What is it, and...

    • Posted August 19, 2015
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  • clothes washer
    Busted Pipe

    Question The waste water from the clothes washer and kitchen sink drain onto the floor of the garage or into the backyard through a pipe on the exterior of the home/kitchen wall. This pipe was broken prior...

    • Posted April 16, 2014
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