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  • projects DIY for Spring
    12 Projects to Indulge Your Spring Fever

    Get busy beautifying your home with one of these budget-friendly DIY decorating projects You’ve made it through the snow, sleet and rain, and now that it’s finally spring you’re bursting with pent-up energy. Don’t just sit there...

    • Posted May 8, 2017
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  • Blinds Chalet
    25 Interior Design Tips and Quotes

    Our surroundings are an integral part of daily life. Space, line, form, light, color, texture, pattern, layout – consciously and subconsciously, these elements influence our mood, productivity, and conversation. For as long as humans have sought shelter,...

    • Posted July 7, 2016
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  • Tacky Home Décor Trends That Need To Go Away

    In this hour, The Carey Brothers discuss tacky home décor trends that need to go away and Family Handyman’s paintbrush revival.

    • Posted May 28, 2016
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  • Tacky Home Decor Trends that Need to Go Away

    In this hour, The Carey Brothers discuss the paint brush revival and tacky home decor trends that need to go away.

    • Posted April 16, 2016
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  • Faux Fridge Cold Fronts

    Make your garage a better place with a cool new “cold front” face Got an old refrigerator parked in your garage? Tired of avocado, harvest gold, or almond when you pull in? Today you’ll learn how to...

    • Posted January 3, 2014
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