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Support your Local Grime-fighters

By on January 3, 2014

Learn “how and why” washer and dryers sometimes cause floods and fires

Batman and Robin were a crime-fighting duo. In your home, the washer and dryer are a grime-fighting pair. They’re always there for the tough stuff and to back us up when we need help with dirt and grime. We take this pair for granted, never thinking to check on them. Washing machine hoses can get brittle and break, unleashing 500 gallons of water an hour. Lint can build up inside or around a dryer, and its vent can overheat and catch fire.

So, check washing machine hoses often and replace with new ones, if needed. Keep dryers lint-free, both inside and all around. Unlike the other dynamic duo, there’s no signal up in the sky when there’s trouble. There’s just trouble, like flooded floors or a fire that could destroy your home. Don’t take your “grime-fighting duo” for granted. Check them today to be safe. And that’s the On The House tip for today.

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