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Superior Decorative Concrete Coatings, Sealers, Epoxy Floor Systems and More

By on April 22, 2018


The homeowners, Mike and Robin, asked us to rebuild and restore a free-standing detached one car garage on the property that was about to collapse.

Mike placed special emphasis on updating the garage, as he is an avid car buff and heavily involved in restoring vintage automobiles.

With a raw unfinished surface, concrete (while unquestionably durable) is both uninteresting appearance-wise and it tends to be highly porous.

Automotive fluids also play havoc with an unsealed concrete floor, seeping into and generally permanently staining it, in spite of extensive and repeated cleaning.

Daich Coatings provided a solution that would not only seal and protect the surface, but would also deliver today’s optimum in hi-tech finishes for concrete.


Daich Coatings pioneered top-of-the-line, extremely hard, textured decorative concrete coatings used to resurface all types of concrete applications both indoors and out.

Daich Coatings are known for their high-performance penetration and adhesion into concrete and that they are a very easy to use DIY option for any consumer.

Another key benefit is that this product provides excellent foot traction with a slip-resistance rating of up to twice the OSHA classification for non-slip walking surfaces.

We used Daich Coating’s ‘Deep Slate Gray’ RollerRock product on the garage floor.

After rolling on a coat of dark gray Daich Textured  Primer, we added Daich 1/4″ Grout Line Stencil tape to create a two-foot square tile effect that creates a visible ‘grout line’ in the finished floor. After applying two coats of RollerRock, the grout line stencil was pulled up and a top coat of industrial-strength Daich DaiHard Clear Epoxy was applied.

The result is a beautiful garage floor that meets every criteria requested by the homeowner and the visual transformation is amazing.

Daich Coatings - concrete overlay

Homeowners Mike and Robin:

I really enjoy my hobbies which are working on cars and occasional woodworking… and I was spoiled by the oversized 26′ x 45′ garage of our previous home in Washington State.

My Daich Coatings floor is the crowning touch in my new garage. It makes things like oil and tire marks easy to clean up…  and I get the added bonus of great looks, good color/texture, and an excellent non-slip surface. I actually now enjoy cleaning up my new floor… and my wife, Robin, likes it too… no more grease and oil tracked into the house. It keeps me out of trouble.


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