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Super Ungluing

By on January 2, 2014

How to get Krazy Glue off yourself and jewelry with fingernail-polish remover

Ever get Krazy Glue on your fingers, your wedding ring and your watchband, too? It’s messy, uncomfortable and smelly. Here’s how to remove it when super adhesive’s got a hold on you.

The answer is fingernail-polish remover, because it’s made with acetone, which softens and liquefies super-duper Krazy Glues. Apply it liberally and directly on your skin. Refresh it often, as it evaporates quickly. Also be sure to have good ventilation, as the fumes are disorienting and highly flammable. To avoid this annoyance and discomfort altogether when working with extremely small parts or pieces, hold them with tweezers or in a partially split wooden matchstick. Apply the Krazy Glue with a toothpick. You also can avoid grief by coating your fingertips with a thin film of petroleum jelly before you start. Krazy Glue is a fine product — when it’s on your project and not on you.

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