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Sun Room Woes

By on February 23, 2014
Window Film


We added a sunroom to our house a few years back. When building it we also installed an air conditioner/heater unit. The problem is if we run the unit year round to compensate for the heat/cooling, the electric bill runs out of site. We also have an air duct from the main house into the sunroom, but it doesn’t really help unless we keep the double doors closed into the house. My question: is there some kind of insulated or cellular shade/blinds we could install to help with both heat and cold? Or do you have another suggestion?



Shades are a great idea. We would also like suggest (in addition to shades) reflective window film. It’s reasonably inexpensive and will cut down on heat gain to beat the bang. Shades in the inside and reflective glass on the outside. Great combo.

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