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Storm Doors That Won’t Stop Slamming

By on April 15, 2014

Got a storm door that slams shut instead of closing smooth and quiet? This probably started happening when cold weather set in, right?

This may be the reason why: when you took out the summer screens and put in storm door windows, you probably didn’t consider the weight difference. Glass weighs a lot more than screen, and that extra weight can cause a door to slam shut unless you tune things up a bit.

Here’s how! There’s a pneumatic tube up near the top called a “door closer” (technical as that may be). On the end is a small screw. Turn it clockwise, and your storm door will close slower (and it won’t slam shut!) Then, next spring, when it’s time for screens again, turn it counter-clockwise so it closes a bit faster and latches with the lighter weight. While your storm door screens are out, check to see if they need repair. If so, tomorrow we’ll tell you how to re-screen ’em with a “bend and a bow”… just like a pro!

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