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Storage: Closet Organization

By on March 2, 2016

If you’re anything like us the one thing you always seem to need more of is storage. How many times have you thought of moving everything in the garage to a commercial storage locker to make room for all the stuff in the house that’s simply “in the way”? If you have one or more closets each with only a single pole then you can hold off on adding space and merely make the best of what you have by organizing your closet to maximize storage. The fact is storage alternatives abound. We just can’t believe how many different companies make shelving packages out of everything from wire to melamine-covered high-density particleboard planks – you name it. Whatever you end up using chances are the finished product will look beautiful. But better than the look of something new you will truly enjoy the added space.

Our natural tendency is to use that good old “single pole” to do the job of shelves, drawers and hooks forgetting that – in the process – wasted space usually is the result.

The first and most important part of improving storage is to exactly determine what it is that actually needs storing. Ten dresses, two skirts and eight sweaters store differently than twelve pair of shoes, six jackets and eleven pair of pants. Make a list of what you need to store and then estimate approximately how much space each item will require. Shirts take up less height than overcoats or dresses and sweaters do better on shelves than hangers. However, the choices as to how items get stored are purely and completely yours.

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