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Stop Mosquitos in Your Bird Bath

By on May 13, 2014

Planning a summer vacation? Here’s one more ‘to do’ for your leaving home checklist. Today you’ll learn how to prevent mosquitoes in a bird bath when you’re ‘out and about’ and on the go. From deep within the Carey Brothers vault of caring for your feathered friends, we bring a water tip to that end.

Indeed, it says here that mosquitoes breed in standing water, and they go from egg to adult in seven to ten days, which requires dumping and refilling bird baths about every five days. What if you’re going on vacation? Should you empty the bird bath until you return?

No need to…as long as you know this little trick! Simply add a few drops of canola oil or any vegetable-based oil to the bird bath water and it will create a light surface coating that won’t harm birds but will stop mosquitoes! It’ll provide on-going refreshment while you’re gone, and there will be fewer mosquitoes once you’re back home!

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