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Steamy Space Saved

By on September 30, 2014
crawlspace with plastic


I heard you on the radio the other day for the first time. Someone had a problem with a damp crawlspace and you gave them some ideas about fixing the problem. Part of the solution was to insulate the crawlspace. I would like to know what kind of insulation you would use in a damp space that would not get wet/damp itself and cause mold problems. Thanks for any help in this matter.



The insulation that we referred to was fiberglass batt insulation to be installed at the floor framing to prevent heat from escaping from the home into the crawl space, thus preventing the wet area from becoming a steam bath environment. A sheet of plastic on the ground helps to keep the moisture on the ground where it belongs. Actually, it is best to keep the crawl space beneath a home dry at all times.

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